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Five Proven Tips to Sell Your Home for More

1. Improve the First Impression - FRONT OF HOME The first thing a buyer will see when they visit your home is the front of home. Therefore, it is very important to spend some time improving the front of your home to give you the best possible curb appeal when a potential buyer comes to visit. This does not have to be a time consuming expensive endeavor. The following items below represent inexpensive improvements that can really have dramatic results. Have professional landscapers perform a yard cleanup- add a colorful flower bouquet near your door/porch- replace your welcome mats – replace your mailbox – replace your front garage/door light fixture- pressure wash your driveway and the front of your home – clean your front windows.


2.Harness The Power Of Social Media- If you are active with social media, using social media can help make selling your home easier and in some cases be more effective than traditional advertising methods (i.e. Newspaper, Craigslist, and online real estate sites). In most cases your agent will have your home listed on a website (MLS listing site, virtual tour, real estate office website). If you are active in social media be sure to “share” the link on your social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where your home is advertised and ask your friends to do the same. If you are not active on social media, find a friend or family member who is so that they can share the link of your home with their network of friends and family. Also, real estate agents “in the know” will be able to market your listing on Facebook using Facebook ads. This is on an invaluable resource that sets apart the good agents from the great ones.


3.Get the Major Home Inspections Done In Advance- There is nothing worse than being caught off guard with a “big surprise”. Even though you may have lived in your home for quite a while, there are still certain things that you may not see or know about that can impact the buyer’s decision to purchase your home. A professional property inspection, termite inspection, and in some cases a chimney inspection performed in advance can put your mind at ease when you’re finally ready to put your home on the market. In most cases the buyer’s decision to purchase your home will be “contingent upon” their approval of a home inspection report that they end up performing. The buyer’s inspection could turn up a variety of hidden items or issues that could turn the negotiation in the buyer’s favor. A termite report and property inspection report that you perform in advance can prepare you for what will likely turn up on the buyer’s inspection report as well. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether it’s worth correcting /fixing these items or not.


4. Allow Sufficient Marketing Time for Your Home -In most areas in the United States, the real estate market has become hotter than ever. Multiple offers and offers over the asking price are becoming commonplace in many US markets that are “seller’s markets”. While it may be tempting to want to take the first offer that comes in, in some markets it’s better to make sure that the home is exposed to as many potential homebuyers as possible. This is done by setting an offer date in the future (frequently 1 to 2 weeks from the time your home goes on the market) for when you will be accepting offers.

5. Be Realistic with Your Home’s Value -A realistic pricing strategy is crucial for getting the maximum value for your home. In many cases sellers can overestimate the value of their home. By pricing the home too high in your area you are making comparable competing homes in your area more attractive to buyers. With the advent of the Internet and with Zillow and Trulia readily available, buyers are much more sophisticated these days and very aware of your home’s true value. If your home is located in an area with an abundance of comparable market data (where there are many homes like yours that have sold or are for sale) it becomes much easier for a buyer to pinpoint your home’s value. Beware of large online home estimating websites. Some studies have shown that these sites can be 10% to 30% off your home’s true market value and they also do not factor in improvements that you may have done. The best way to determine what price you should sell your home for is through a CMA (comparable market analysis) performed by your realtor. Consult with your local real estate professional to determine your homes true market value.


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