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Purcell, Oklahoma is a rapidly-growing exurban enclave situated conveniently to the south of Oklahoma City, with easy access to Tinker Air Force Base in OKC and the beautiful University of Oklahoma in Norman. As the town has expanded in recent years thanks to an influx of homebuyers from further north, real estate in Purcell has increased in value and more Purcell homes are appearing on the market each year.

As a Purcell real estate agent ask me about the town's history and its importance as the historical and current county seat of McClain County as well as its historical role as a major hub on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Purcell properties also featured prominently in the late-19th century Oklahoma Land Run, in which newly-released tracts of formerly off-limits Purcell real estate were released to the general public. Prospective landowners rushed in from far and wide to claim their share of the fertile grasslands surrounding the fledgling town. Historic Purcell properties dating to this period include the old McClain County Courthouse and the Victorian-era Hotel Love, which remains a functioning bed-and-breakfast inn to this day.

New arrivals seeking Purcell homes for sale find the town to be diverse and community-oriented. The south side of town, where many a Purcell home buyer stakes their claim, has over the past decade developed from a pastoral expanse of ranch and cropland into a booming neighborhood with all the modern amenities of an up-and-coming town. Demand for Purcell homes in this area is high, and the services of a Purcell Realtor®, like me are required just to sort through the new properties appearing on the market each month.

The Purcell Clinic, a medical facility operated by the Chickasaw Nation which offers acute medical services and doctor consultations for residents of Purcell, recently opened in this area to accommodate its growing population. A secondary business district has developed around the facility, attracting one of the highest-volume Wal-Marts in the state of Oklahoma as well as numerous smaller business that cater to affluent Purcell OK real estate owners in the area.

Because it developed earlier and boasts any of the town's historic and cultural institutions, the north side of Purcell remains a vibrant neighborhood central to the town's character and well-being. Folks looking at Purcell homes for sale in this area appreciate the presence of the local Municipal Hospital, which enjoys a partnership with several OKC hospitals. Amtrak also provides daily service to the train station near the hospital, so Oklahoma City natives looking for homes for sale in Purcell can spend the day in town and be back in the city by nightfall. Commuting is easy as well. In fact, many owners of Purcell real estate work either at the University of Oklahoma in Norman or at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, protecting the homeland by day and enjoying small-town hospitality by night. Talk to a me today and discover what "The Heart of Oklahoma" has to offer!

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