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Norman is a medium-sized city in Oklahoma that known at the state's center of higher education. Many people choose to move to the area because it has the ambiance of a small town combined with the cultural atmosphere of a big city. If you are a Norman home buyer interested in moving into the area, use Jim West, a qualified Norman realtor® to help you find your perfect home.

The University of Oklahoma dominates all life in Norman, as it is the main attraction. It is the largest university in the state, with more than 30,000 students enrolled annually. Most of the population in town is associated with the university in some way, either as students, professors or administrators. This commitment to education is also seen in the city's public schools, which provide quality education for children from kindergarten to high school. Families buying real estate in Norman can rest assured that their children will attend an excellent school system.

Living around the university, primarily the eastern and northern areas, is an attractive option for students and young professionals. Most student properties are located here, close to the bars and nightlife that attract so many. When there is a home football game in town, this area can turn into one gigantic celebration, attracting large crowds cheering for their Sooners. Many homes for sale in Norman, especially those close to the university along the east side of the campus, are marketed as great investment properties. These homes can be rented out to students annually, generating a steady income for the owner. There are many realtors who specialize in Norman OK real estate investment properties, and their services are highly recommended.

Downtown Norman and many of the older neighborhoods surrounding the university are historically significant. The oldest buildings in the city are located directly downtown, but most of these homes have been turned into art galleries, restaurants and private businesses. However, many of the oldest historical neighborhoods surrounding the university offer some of the best Norman real estate options. Many of these homes are in the Queen Anne or Neo-Gothic architectural style, which was popular during the latter part of the 19th century. This includes the Miller and the Chautauqua Historical Districts, known for their beautiful well-kept homes. These Norman properties are often owned by professors and prominent businessmen in the area.

As a Norman real estate agent I will tell you that the suburban areas are primarily in the western and northern areas of the city, such as Hall Park. These areas offer Norman OK homes marketed towards upper-middle class families who prefer to live away from the busy university areas. The suburban Norman homes are full of modern luxuries and many are in neighborhoods offering great amenities such as pools and parks. Search Norman homes for sale and consult with a local real estate agent to find the perfect area of Norman to meet your needs.

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